Scholarship of Teaching and Learning = SoTL

This website provides a brief introduction to SoTL research methods. The goal of this website is to provide practical information about how to conduct a small scale SoTL research project which will result in a publishable paper in a reasonable amount of time.

For more comprehensive treatments of SoTL research methods see


About the author:  Chris McCarthy’s PhD is in mathematics. His dissertation involved Stochastic Branching Processes, Differential Equations, and  and non Euclidean Geometry, which he applied to the problem of “the evolution of treatment resistant pathogens” (mathematical biology).  McCarthy has published a number of papers in pure and applied mathematics, as well as in math education.  He has served as an editor of PRIMUS (Problems, Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies) and is on the board of directors\advisors of SIMIODE, an organization devoted to providing Open Educational Resources (OER) for the teaching and learning of Differential Equations.  McCarthy also is one of the organizers of the American Mathematical Society’s Special Session on Quaternions. McCarthy regularly teaches Differential Equations, Calculus, and Statistics at the Borough of Manhattan Community College – City University of New York, where he received a “Distinguished Teaching Award” in  2019.